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I love random compliments from strangers. It's never happened to me before, though I've been known to compliment random people on cool hairstyles, but it's certainly made my day now that I've been on the receiving end.

On the train home there was a young guy travelling in my carriage, obviously a foreigner because he asked the man sitting in front of him to point out which was his stop when we approached it. I noticed him because of that and because he had long hair and earrings and I have a thing for guys with long hair and earrings, as some of you may have noticed.

Anyway, at the moment I'm in the middle of writing a story where things have just got interesting, so I settled down into my seat (right next to the stairs on the train) so that I could write and didn't pay any more attention to anything else.

The next thing I knew, the train was pulling in to a station and a voice was speaking beside me in slightly Spanish-accented English: "Oh my god. That's such a small handwriting."

I looked up to see the foreign guy, who had paused on his way down the stairs, glancing over at me. He smiled and said, "it's beautiful," before getting off the train.

It made me smile too. I do have small handwriting, but it was just lovely to be told someone found it beautiful. ^_^ Made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
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*hops around in circles*

Suddenly my week is all better. ^_^

I FOUND IT! Not the book I was looking for originally, but one I was looking for and never expected to find in Australia. Or, only slightly-expected to find, knowing that Kinokuniya sells some untranslated foreign literature, but I didn't expect to find what I was looking for.

But! I found Die Stadt der träumenden Bücher! *squeal*

After a crappy week that included colds, disappointments, public transport woes, my period, slicing my finger open on a razor, and getting up at 3am because I misread the time, THIS is just what I needed. *_* It's going to be slow going, since my German reading is quite slow, but I'm already enjoying the book. So, yay. In English it's The City of Dreaming Books.

Anyway, I'm pleased I found it, and in the original language. I prefer to read untranslated literature if I can. Although I do also have Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch, but that's mainly because I'm insane and want to read the entire series in German now too.

But... *bounce* I found my book! ^_^ *strokes cover reverently*
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Since I'm currently in the process of being driven rapidly insane by my workload I thought this was a good thing to post.

Vive and I were talking - or rather I was talking and she was listening - about places and situations that make you happy. I got the idea from a thread on a message board where people said that they were happy whenever they were playing DDR, or sitting infront of the fan and it was blowing in their face, or an empty train car with a good book.

So I came up with my own list of places and situations that make me happy:

- walking down a street alone on a sunny day with a cool wind blowing in my face
- at the top of a high building, when no one else is around
- listening to happy, boucy music when the sun is shining in my window and I have nothing to worry about
- watching a video or listening to a CD by my favourite band for the first time after buying them
- hearing that someone likes something I've written
- talking to a good friend whom I haven't talked to in a long time
- waking up in my grandmother's house, looking up at the sloping ceiling of the roof, with the scent of her furniture all around me
- or the sounds and scents I associate with being in Germany in general... the way a window shutter sounds when you roll it down, or the way my family's houses always smell subtly of tabacco
- at a concert, dancing to the music
- going for a walk through a quiet neighbourhood when I have no where to go and plenty of time to do it in
- passing houses at night and looking in open windows, seeing families living their daily lives
- swinging on a swing, until I'm so high I can see my feet touch the sky
- eating one of my favourite fruits, like strawberries or blackberries, and they're soft and sweet and juicy
- knowing that my friends are happy


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