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Turns out, I only read two actual books this year, one fiction, the other non-fiction:

Peacekeeper #1: An Ancient Peace, by Tanya Huff
The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture, by Glen Weldon

But I read a boatload of comics, because that seems to be all I have time for/can focus on these days. Counting only in trade paperback (graphic novel) format, this is, not counting single floppy issues...

Comics/graphic novels:
(pre-boot) Batgirl, Vol. 1: Silent Knight
(pre-boot) Batman & Robin, Vol. 1: Batman Reborn
(pre-boot) Harley Quinn, Vol. 3: Welcome to Metropolis
(pre-boot) The New Teen Titans, Vol. 1
(New 52) Batman and Robin Eternal, Vol. 1
(New 52) Batman and Robin Eternal, Vol. 2
(New 52) Batman Eternal, Vol. 1
(New 52) Batman Eternal, Vol. 2
(New 52) Batwoman, Vol. 1: Hydrology
(New 52) Batwoman, Vol. 2: To Drown the World
(New 52) Batwoman, Vol. 3: World's Finest
(New 52) Grayson, Vol. 1: Agents of Spyral
(New 52) Grayson, Vol. 2: We All Die at Dawn
(New 52) Grayson, Vol. 3: Nemesis
(New 52) Harley Quinn, Vol. 1: Hot in the City
(New 52) Justice League, Vol. 1: Origin
(New 52) Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out
(New 52) Midnighter, Vol. 2: Hard
(New 52) Nightwing, Vol. 1: Traps and Trapezes
(New 52) Red Hood and the Outlaws, Vol. 1: REDemption
(New 52) Red Hood and the Outlaws, Vol. 2: The Starfire
(New 52) Red Hood and the Outlaws, Vol. 3: Death of the Family
(New 52) Robin War
(New 52) Titans Hunt
(Rebirth) Batman - Detective Comics Vol. 1: Rise of the Batmen
(Rebirth) DC Universe: Rebirth
(Rebirth) Night of the Monster Men
(Rebirth) Nightwing, Vol. 1: Better Than Batman
(Elseworlds) Batman: Li'l Gotham, Vol. 1
(Elseworlds) DC Super Hero Girls, Vol. 1: Finals Crisis
(Elseworlds) DC Super Hero Girls, Vol. 2: Hits and Myths
(Elseworlds) Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice

It's not that I don't want to read books in the traditional sense, it's that every book I start, I get interrupted by family/home duties. If I'm not doing dishes, cleaning, etc, it's:

"Can you fix this?"
"I'm hungry"
"Can you get rid of the spider?"
"Can you go to the letter box?"

So I put the book down, and then can't get back into it once I manage to come back to it, because the reading spell is broken.

Thus, comics. I find the picture easier to access, to get back into the swing of reading, plus they're shorter stories, so fewer interruptions during the time it takes me to read one.

This is why my mother took to reading magazines, I assume. And others turn to audiobooks and music for their "Me time".
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