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elfinblaze ([personal profile] elfinblaze) wrote2016-07-11 08:11 pm
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Um... update?

- I have new icons!

- In the time it took my brother to get dressed today, I folded the laundry, swept up the leaves, weeded the garden, made the fire, did some writing, fixed the washing machine, and made lunch. @_@

- I have learnt that chopping wood is fantastic exercise for your abs.

- I've also learnt that two hours of chopping wood leads to blisters. My poor hands.

- My niece is trying to tiptoe into my room, and every time I glance over at her, she ducks down behind my bed. It's adorable.

- My queer dream superteam would include: Midnighter, John Constantine, Bunker, Batwoman, and Wonder Woman.

Batwoman (Kate Kane) would be the leader. Midnighter and Wonder Woman would be the heavy hitters. Bunker (Miguel Jose Barragan) would be the youth connection. Constantine needs to be included because I needed one Dark Arts hero, and he's also able to think outside the box.

Ideally, I would have liked to include an interstellar presence, but I can't link of a queer alien I'm familiar with. Earth-2 Alan Scott as a Green Lantern would be the closest to interstellar presence...

I was also considering Kaldur'ahm (N52 Jackson Hyde) and Harley Quinn as potential members.