Jul. 15th, 2016 07:17 pm
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Fireplaces should really come with better warnings. Not the obvious ones like: do not leave unattended or it may burn down your freaking house! But the less expected ones.

For example, I currently have on both my hands: six blisters from chopping wood, three splinters (one of which required slicing open my hand to remove), two cuts from accidentally sawing into my fingers instead of the wood, and one burn from the fireplace itself. Which makes it really hard to use any of my fingers for any other household chores right now. Seriously, try washing dishes in warm water when you have a scorching burn on your middle finger, I dare you.

Maybe something like: warning, do not install fireplace if you value your fingers. Or: remember to wear thick rubber gloves before even looking at this malicious bastard.

On the other hand, maybe I'm just a walking disaster.

[EDIT: Okay, two splinters. Just got the most annoying one out of my thumb pad. But still ow.]

Damn Skin

Mar. 14th, 2015 02:29 pm
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My eczema is flaring up again.


Stupid body.
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Oh for pity's sake!

Yeah, I'm awake at 3am again. I woke up at midnight when I tried to shift my duvet and heard the most horrible noise.


Three restless hours trying not to move later I have my needle and thread out, and now I can't find the damn hole to sew up.

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This is me, at work, typing an update while I'm supposed to be reading through a booklet on ankylosing spondylitis, which makes me feel bad about complaining about my weekend, but I'm going to anyway, because I can and I need to whine.

What a waste of a weekend! I feel like I didn't even have a weekend, and the past two days have just been a haze of heat and weakness and sweating and sleeping the day away out of pure exhaustion.

I ended up taking painkillers five days in a row, granted it was different types of painkillers for different types of pain, but still. Three days of the anti-inflammatory ibuprofen/codeine combination for period pain. Then two days of paracetamol, because when I get colds they get into my muscles and joints, and also to lower the fever, which, in temperatures in the high 30s Celcius and high 90s Fahrenheit, was not fun! Hot weather + bad cold = Urgh.

Just a giant URGH of a weekend in general.

Now that I'm better and back at work, I should really do some actual work, shouldn't I? *sigh* Back to my reading.

Glee's on tonight! Yay!
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Alright, that's it, I'm sick of Summer already. Can we go back to Winter now?

Nights I have slept in nought but my underwear so far this summer: 4.

It's supposed to be over 40 degrees celcius today.

And it's only November.

*is dead*
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Girl to guy behind her, hassling her to get on a crowded train:
"Humping me is not going to get me onto this sardine can any quicker, mate."
- from today's Overheard section in MX.

Just in case any of you ever need a line like this.

And now I need to whine:

My Wizard Rockumentary DVD still hasn't arrived. I've pretty much given it up for lost in the mail. It's been 6+ weeks since I ordered and 4+ weeks since I got the e-mail saying it had been shipped. I'm certainly not going to order another copy in case the same thing happens again because I don't have another $50 to throw into the ether.

Now I'm munching chocolate trying to cheer myself up. It's not working but I'm doing it anyway.

And I hate CityRail's new timetable. Instead of travelling 3 hours a day I'm now travelling closer to 4 hours. I've had to run for the bus 3 days in a row because some sadist set the timetable so that I could arrive at the train station just in time to see the bus leaving, which means I need to run to the next bus stop before the traffic lights change. Thank you very much, nameless moron.

I also have nothing to read. I think I'm too picky with fanfics. I've been reading H. P. Lovecraft instead because I always find his writing relaxing, but I really want some nice fics to read: ones that are decently written, substantial length, don't have any un-warned-for squicks, and have a happy ending. Is that so much to ask for? Lately, apparently it is.

I need more chocolate.

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Feel crappy.

Need sugar.

Bad mood calls for Dark-Mark-over-Hogwarts icon.

Nothing in particular, just everything that could go wrong on the way home, did go wrong: missed train by 10 seconds, had to wait 20 minutes for the next one, got sent to another platform by station staff, then got sent all the back when they decided train was leaving from normal platform after all, mother called suggesting she might pick me up from train station, then called back and decided she didn't want to wait 10 minutes for me to arrive, missed bus, next bus didn't come, took bus that takes longer way around which was natually crowded with people who'd been waiting for the previous bus to turn up.

Just GRR.

Going to go find sugar. Chocolate makes everything better.


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