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I am not a vidder. I make no claims to be. But sometimes I just get the urge to chop up movies and TV shows and set them to music when I get hit by an idea.

For example, I felt like putting together a tribute video for The Glee Project last weekend. It took fifteen hours and caused my program to crash more times than I can count, but I'm actually rather proud of the result. It's just a fun little tribute to the wonderful people who took part in the second season, and while there was a lot of footage I didn't get around to using - because there were so many great moments - I'm very happy with what I've ended up with.

Set to "Tonight Tonight", by Hot Chelle Rae, as covered by the cast of The Glee Project, season two.

Linked because LJ doesn't like embedded videos:


And low quality because my upload bandwidth is even more limited than my download bandwidth, and with Glee coming back this month I don't want to run out of bandwidth, but you get the idea at least.
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- Happy Easter everyone!

- My brother's girlfriend seems to have become another member of the family. She's just quirky enough to fit right in with us, and we even decided to stage an Easter egg hunt with her today, because she'd never had one before (she's Vietnamese and doesn't celebrate Easter) and the rest of us 17 - 29-year-olds just decided we wanted to have an Easter egg hunt. My brother's out somewhere now but she's still hanging around here. It really is almost like we have another family member.

My family is bloody awesome!

- Glee, episode 2x17, "Night of Neglect", will be on Australian TV on Star Wars Day. May the fourth... be with you.

- Along the same lines, Towel Day is on 25th of May.

- I haven't watched Doctor Who yet; I'll wait until after I get my hands on the next episode of Glee, and if we haven't exhausted our download quota for the month after that, I'll catch up on Doctor Who. Or I'll just watch it on TV next weekend.

- This is a lovely vid of two of my favourite Glee couples (Kurt/Blaine and Brittany/Santana) set to P!nk's "Fuckin'Perfect". Glee + P!nk + great editing = awesome fanvid.

- Classic cartoon characters reimagined as Cthulhu.

- How to fix any computer, for Windows, Apple, and Linux.


Oct. 4th, 2009 08:42 am
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I'm not posting much because if I try to write something longer than a few lines I will only complain. Things have just been pissing me off this week. So I'll save it.

My sister's just done it again: she's running late for work because she forgot Daylight Saving starts today. She does this every year. ^^;;

I was going to make a music video like this too. It's a look at all the Harry Potter movies to date and the fandom, set to End of an Era by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls. I still might make my own version anyway; it's just such a fitting song.

And I will miss the train ride in,
And the pranks pulled by the twins,
And though it's no where I have been,
I'll keep on smiling from the times I had with them.

Ok. Going to go try and finish another book now.


Jun. 16th, 2008 07:33 am
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So, I taught myself the basic 8-step Tango. Why? I felt like it. I've always wanted to do ballroom dancing classes for fun and this makes me want to even more, just so I have someone to practice with. Might have to look around for some.

I've also been watching Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, which I meant to see when it was out here and never got to. Unfortunately classical ballet is one of those things I never learnt to read so I'm never sure how to interpret what I see. All I can do is appreciate the aesthetics. ^^;;

Thirdly, I spent to weekend watching fanvids and came across this hillarious Doctor Who/Torchwood video. It's set to Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" and gives both shows a completely new storyline: Jack's keeping his baby. And we thought he wasn't planning to ever get pregnant again. XD

And lastly, I finished reading Tanya Huff's Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light, which was good, although I still prefer The Fire's Stone which is the other novel in the edition I bought. I described Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light to a friend as: the Tanya Huff version of Good Omens, with slightly less crack (but only slightly), and slightly more gay (but again, only slightly). It's still a lot of fun. ^_^

This is what comes from being a nice guy. Do a friend a favour and what do you get; front row seats at the Apocalypse.


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