Mar. 23rd, 2014 11:29 am
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- The only fantasy map you'll ever need. I love this! Very clever.

- Star Wars: Episode VII will be set 30 years after the original trilogy ended, just like in real life.
It's just over 30 years since the release of Return of the Jedi, which means the actors from the original trilogy will be – wait for it – 30 years older. And given that Chairman Bob Iger said that there will be "very familiar faces returning."

- News for fellow virology geeks: Guinea Confirms Ebola As Source of Deadly Epidemic
To date, no treatment or vaccine is available for Ebola, which kills between 25 and 90 percent of those who fall sick, depending on the strain of the virus, according to the World Health Organisation.
[Other reports from the BBC, and Reuters.]

- Some faith in humanity: Westboro's picket against Lorde met with messages of sympathy for the family of Fred Phelps
The majority of the attention turned to a banner on the other side of the street which read: 'Sorry for your loss.'

- This is a really good article on the Catholic church in Australia today.

If I were a priest I would tell fellow priests to hand themselves in to police if they have done wrong. Forget coming to me for confession, make the police your confessional and the law your penance. They wanted responsibility by becoming priests, they need to take the consequences and accept their responsibilities.

Sometimes I don't understand why no actual priests have yet said exactly that. Then I remember that they're all drinking the same kool-aid where women, children, and other minorities don't matter, because we hardly count as human beings to them. Because we're just their "other."


Jun. 23rd, 2013 01:37 pm
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I decided to go to Supanova on Saturday after all, which is so much bigger and slicker than it was the last time I went several years ago. There's more exhibitors, more people, bigger stars, bigger budgets, more reach... I remember when the precursor, Comic Fest, was just a handful of rooms at Centrepoint, more than a decade ago. Now Supanova fills the dome and two halls at Olympic Park, and it was still crowded! There were whole trains from Lidcome full of Hogwarts students, anime characters, Browncoats, Ghost Busters, Doctors, and TARDISes. I also saw one Dalton Academy Warbler, surprisingly no Klingons, and only one Darth Vader using the force to choke someone. If you search for "supanova" on tumblr there are lots of cosplay pictures there (example).

Most people going these days are students, but there were plenty of children and older people too, so it was a nice mix. I'd say about 40% of the people attending came in costume, even though the weather turned from sunny to miserable at about 10am. I mainly feel sorry for the zombies who would have had to shuffle home with all that amazing make-up running.

I mainly went to see Eve Myles (Gwen from Torchwood) although I skipped on getting her autograph because the autograph line snaked through two rooms, mostly thanks to Carrie Fisher's attendance! I did go to the discussion panel though.

Eve Myles )

It was very entertaining and my favourite part of the day. Absolutely worth it. I'm so glad I got to see that and it's something I'm going to remember for a long time.

The second thing I went to see was the writer's seminar, "Creating Kick-Ass Characters", with Trudi Canavan, Kylie Chan, Traci Harding, Jana Oliver, Colin Taber, and Steve Worland (who got the biggest cheer, mainly because he's also written for Farscape). Jana Oliver was the only American on the panel. Before the seminar, I'd heard of Trudi Canavan, Kylie Chan, and Traci Harding (all Australian fantasy writers), but I'd only read Trudi Canavan.

I didn't write down everything that was said word-for-word, but I did take copious notes. Even more than I did in some of my university lectures.

Writer's Seminar )

I was going to finish the day by watching the Quidditch, but then it was raining and I didn't want to be any more cold and wet. So after a few more circuits of the stands I managed to tear myself away from my friendly surrounds of colourful weirdos and head back out into the drab world outside.

I got home exhausted and with a cold, but I'm very glad I went yesterday because the weather is supposed to get even worse today. Even though it was crowded as hell it was good to be surrounded by interesting people who felt familiar even if I didn't actually know anyone else there. ^_^ And just getting to sit in on that talk with Eve Myles was worth the cost of admission.

Link Dump

Aug. 7th, 2010 09:05 am
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1. Via Autostraddle:

The Sci-Fi Explanation of Why Gay People Must Be Allowed to Marry

In many of the sci-fi futures that we know and love, racism, sexism, and homophobia are often scrubbed out of existence. Caprica/BSG, Star Trek, Torchwood, Mass Effect, even less thoughtful fare like Starship Troopers, depict residents of the future who are less interested in the permutations of human identity and more interested in the qualities of a person’s mind and spirit.

I love the continuum they refer to, with a progression of rights based on sapience, sentience, self-awareness, etc.

I know people complain about how conservative speculative fiction still is (it is still a bastion of the straight, white male), but it's leaps and bounds ahead of other genres. Have you ever looked for progressive crime fiction? Well, I have, and I'm sticking with sci-fi/fantasy. I suppose it's true that sci-fi is really all about the present, dressed up as the future.

2. Via [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho:

List of writers for Torchwood, season 4.

Other writers for Season 4 include John Shiban ("Breaking Bad," "Supernatural," "The X-Files"), Doris Egan ("House," "Tru Calling," "Dark Angel'), Jane Espenson ("Game of Thrones," "Battlestar Galactica," "Buffy") and John Fay (a U.K. "Torchwood" writer).

I was hoping for James Moran or Trevor Baxendale, but this is so much better! Who else thinks this series is going to be epic?

3. Via [livejournal.com profile] daily_snitch:

Emma Watson loses most of her hair in new 'do

Am I the only one who thinks Emma Watson looks hot with short hair? She looked gorgeous before too, but... Some people are just beautiful, no matter what they do.

4. Via... well, the horse's mouth, I suppose:

Tanya Huff is now writing Charlie's story, the follow up to The Enchantment Emporium, and it's due out next year, to which I say: "Hooray!" Because I love Charlie and I want a mini Charlie Gale to go in my pocket with my mini Binti Mashona.

More to read! Yay~


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