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Point form again, because it saves me having to make up connections between thoughts.

- I have AwesomeBoots. I call them AwesomeBoots because they are awesome and they make me feel awesome when I wear them, hence AwesomeBoots. *stomps about*

- I'm currently reading Let the Right One In, by John Ajvide Lindqvist, or rather, I'm reading So finster die Nacht, the German translation, and it has well and truly hooked me now. The first 100 pages took me a couple of days to get through and suddenly, BAM, I'm hooked, and now I've read over 100 pages in a single day. Swedish vampire horror, yay!

- This is for all the writers and artists on my FList: Have you ever come up with an idea that scared you? Where you wondered what the hell was going on in the dark places in your head that made you think of that idea? Because yesterday I came up with the darkest, most twisted and screwed up idea I've ever had, and I'm almost afraid to write it, even though I really want to.

- [livejournal.com profile] udara_jayyyyyyyy~ Have you seen this new picture of Tonks and Remus?

- And for (NSFW) humour: Ladies, whatever you choose to do with your pubic hair, do not set your crotch on fire!
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New-ish-ness, in point form:

- I love it when I get an SMS, and everyone around me goes for their phones. Yes, I am easily entertained.

- I know I'm going to regret it, but I'm going to have a squiz at the first episode of The Real L Word. I know, I know, curiousity killed the cat. But the cat does have nine lives, so...

- Managed to finish 3 books over the past 2 weeks so far and I'm going for a 4th tomorrow. That should help the back-log along a bit.

- The surgery scar on my wrist turns a deep purple when it's cold, which means I get a dark mark on the inside of my left forearm. Just not the Dark Mark; it's not that cool.

- Here, have a crack in the universe. Stick it on your wall.

And now I'm off to bed. Goodnight!
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- My sister is hoooome! At least for the weekend. My family is complete again. ^_^

- I totally did not write "Muggled" instead of "mugged" in my previous post, no siree. *wonders what "being Muggled" involves*

- One of our Workers Comp. patients works for a guy called John Hurt. That's Hurt, with a U, not an A. If you know Torchwood then you can probably guess what I first heard though.

- One of our accountants is called Reg. He came in today. So we had a Reg and a Regi in the practice. Reminds me of that time I was walking to work:

Voice behind me: Hi, Reggie!
Me: *turn and look for person calling me*
Guy walking behind me: *waves at someone in passing* Hi!

It's not exactly a common nickname, which is why it's doubly confusing when I'm not the only Regi around. I'm not used to hearing my name directed at other people.

- Those of you I know in RL, be warned, [livejournal.com profile] viciousdisorder is planning to host an Un-birthday Party. Although it'll probably be close to her birthday so it might be a birthday party for her and an un-birthday party for the rest of us. I don't know. But hey, who needs mercury and a Hatter when "we're all mad here" already?
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I have stuff to do, so this entry will be in point form:

- Had a nightmare last night. It involved me accidentally deleting the entire content of my USB stick. MY USB stick contains copies of all the stories I've ever written. I have copies in various other places too, but still... Nightmare!

- It was back to work today, and I was actually quite excited to be back. I like the patients. I just don't like the paper work.

- This is hilarious: Welcome to Hufflepuff.

- I am craving chocolate! Rrrrr! Presumably this means my period is due in the next few days, because damn. *gnaws on keyboard*

- On the up-side, my favourite fest, [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest, has started posting!
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Random Disjointed Entry

- What does it say about my spelling that for the past two years I've had all my Garbage music (the band, Garbage, not the description) labeled "Grabage"? Two years! And I never noticed!

- Still getting Physio twice a week, but my wrist is slowly getting back to normal! Still missing some of the range but it's much better already. What a massive journey this has been. It's two months since I broke it, now. It happened so quickly and it's taken this long to get better.

- Not sure I like the overall tone of the New New Who. I like dark fairytales, I'm just not sure they should be mixed with Doctor Who. But I'll reserve judgement for now. And I did really like that last episode, The Beast Below!

- I finally changed the name of my journal. It is now The Madwoman on the Computer. Because I don't live in an attic and because The Madwoman on the Internet and The Madwoman in Cyberspace were taken.

- God, I love this song. I miss Raphael.

- I miss Janne Da Arc too. Still my favourite band ever.
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Today marks the first day of my Winter Mutterings.

My Winter Mutterings basically consist of me walking to the bus stop in the dark, freezing morning, muttering to myself, "Coldcoldcoldcold."

In other news, I renamed me phone and mp3 player from Isis and Iris, to Elvendork and Bannakaffalatta, so I can remember the names.

And on the topic of naming things, my inner editor needs a name. Something suitable. Like Kali (Hindu war goddess). Or Dysnomia ("disorder"). Or is that just asking for trouble? Maybe "Hermione" would be suitably pedantic.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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I'm beginning to think Miranda Devine is a troll.

I just can't take her seriously anymore. I see her name in the newspaper and a voice supplies in my head: "Troll! In the Dungeon!"

She must be stirring up crap on purpose. Nobody could have such poor research skills by accident, surely.

This isn't in reference to any of her comments in particular, it's just a general thought that's developed in my head over the past few months.


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