Apr. 23rd, 2015 04:50 pm
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- Six months and I haven't managed to kill my cactus yet! I haven't been trying, but normally I kill everything I put in the ground. Or it never comes up in the first place.

- Pictures I took of the Parramatta River today. Banks? What banks? If you walk past, you can still see that the water was much higher yesterday; the nearby roads are all dusted with sand and soil, in ripples like water currents, where the high water washed it on shore. It's a mess.

- I am caught up on Arrow and The Flash! Finally. Such fun shows.

- The only internet comment section worth reading is at Slacktivist, and especially this post, where people discuss whether a human/kryptonian hybrid is possible.
I'm not saying that interbreeding is tremendously likely, but anyone who says "Oh, I can accept that an alien would look and act recognizably human, but interbreeding is beyond the pale because of the astronomical odds involved" isn't on solid scientific ground. The odds of two species that are so similar not being able to interbreed might be high, but the odds of two species being so similar is many many times higher.
Ahh, nerds.

- No, that's not true. The comment section of Badass Digest is also a good place.
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Played Firefly again. I gave the solo version a spin, and I won! I mean, I had the Alliance after me, I pissed off Niska, my entire crew got killed, and I got very disgruntled, but I won. Just.

And it only took two hours. :)

Conclusion: the solo version works quite well.

Hopefully exposing the offending die in public will ensure my game goes even better next time.

Click to see the evil die )

Yes, die, you should be sorry.


Aug. 2nd, 2014 10:20 am
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Pictures from this morning...

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Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was another family outing, this time to Goat Island, one of the many small islands in Sydney Harbour.

Like many places in Sydney, it started off as a labour/prison facility for the early convicts. Later it was used by the water police and fire department. When the black plague hit Sydney in 1900, it was used as a quarantine facility. Most recently it was used for the filming of the TV Show Water Rats, and up until the 1990s it was used as a government site for the Maritime Services. Now it's abandoned, apart from the historic tours that stop by - such as ours - but it's an interesting place, with all the layers of that history visible: original sandstone walls from the 1700s next to modern buildings and filming props left behind on the island.

We heard stories of infamous convicts, such as Charles "Bony" Anderson, who was chained to a rock on the island at night, and would scream so long and loud that people on the mainland could hear him. And we saw the prison carts, where convicts were chained together overnight, six per cart, so they could hardly move, and only the "luxury" carts contained a toilet. We saw the peep holes in the defence wall that soldiers could shoot through, but hardly see through. And the carved graffiti left behind by bored soldiers and employees from 1788 to the 1990s, still visible in the old wall.

The island also has ghost tours for people to meet some of the tortured spirits that live there. Our guide told us that most of the ghosts hang around the old morgue, but recently a heavy iron door in the showers, one that shouldn't even be able to move, swung back and forth as her tour group watched. She said half her group left in a hurry after that, but she spoke of the spirits like they were old friends, just keeping the place company.

12 illustrative photos, yay! )

All up, it was a good day out. Not something we do often, but worth the experience.
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The decision to attend the Sydney Royal Easter Show yesterday, on Good Friday, the same day as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were there, turned out to be a good one. Everyone else went to see the Royals, and we went wherever everyone else wasn't.

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Christmas in bullet points:

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Just a few pre-Christmas photos to keep you updated with what I've been doing (spoiler: nothing exciting).

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If I don't get to update again before then, Merry Christmas everyone, or whatever you celebrate. I hope it's a great one for all of you.
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As you may or may not know, my family has a little nativity scene set up each year at Christmas, and every year my mother insists that the three wise men be off to the side somewhere because it took them 12 days to arrive. So normally it looks something like this:

photos )
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Happy St Nicholas Day to anyone who celebrates it! It's Magpie's first Christmas and first experience with German Christmas traditions. We've had to keep her away from the Advent candles already, and she'll love the boots full of goodies from St Nick just as much.

This morning, we woke up to find this by the fireplace wood burner:

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In other news...

- I just dropped a bottle of nail polish on my carpet. Thankfully it's so pale it's almost clear so you probably won't be able to see it once it dries, but right now everything smells of nail polish.

- I can't believe we're back to the days of women warning each other over their back fences, but don't go to a Catholic hospital if you get pregnant, even if you want the child, because in the case discussed in that link they didn't even warn the woman that her life was in danger. They just sent her home with a miscarriage "to wait." So this is me, warning you over your back fence.

- Fascinating article on the history of science and its relationship with theology and Western cultural thought in general:
Science Challenges Doctrine
This is a guest post by emeritus and octogenarian biologist Frank Lawlor examining at some depth the serious disconnect between science and religion in the area of human reproduction. Whatever wounds religion has suffered from the encounter with science in this regard have been self-inflicted. Certainly it is uncomfortable for everyone to be faced with having to abandon cherished beliefs and adjust to reality. But the Catholic Church's insistence that it was in possession of the absolute truth in these matters has made the eventual and inevitable adjustment more than uncomfortable, it has made it an embarrassment … and embarrassment has entailed denial. For, how embarrassing is it to admit that both your premises and your methodology are shown by the facts to be flawed?

Elder Sign

Sep. 20th, 2013 07:59 am
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I've been playing my newest board game, Elder Sign, which I got a couple of days ago. It was a toss up between buying this game and Pandemic. In the end I decided it would be more fun getting eaten by Cthulhu than dying of a terminal disease. But I will also get Pandemic eventually.

I think I had waaay too much fun playing this. XD

It's based on H. P. Lovecraft's short horror stories/novellas about creatures from other dimensions, known as Ancient Ones, who like to devour people. You don't need to have read Lovecraft to enjoy the game, but it adds familiarity if you have because of all the names and places you recognise. I for one quite enjoy the stories. Perfect bedtime reading. (And if you do want to read Lovecraft's stories, his works are all in the public domain so you can find them easily online.)

2 photos )

This is going to be a tough game to beat, I can tell. But it suits the mythos.

Wil Wheaton (Star Trek) did an episode of Table Top (the web series) where Elder Sign was played if you want to watch a bunch of actors and creatives playing it.
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[livejournal.com profile] viciousdisorder had her birthday party yesterday, with lots of people and good food. It's a little scary to know I'm now part of the generation that's started having kids, because there were a lot of young children there with their parents. But it was an enjoyable party all the same, and the closest friends and family stayed behind later for a more relaxed gathering.

My present for her was a Master Ring keychain and a Doctor Who t-shirt that said, "Keep Calm and Don't Blink", both of which I picked up at Supanova a few weeks ago.

I'd been putting off making a card all week, but then Saturday morning I woke up at 6am with a poem half-formed in my head, got up, and finished writing it in her card:

picture and poem )

Because now that my friends have banned me from ever buying cards again, I get all sorts of strange ideas for making them. XD


Jun. 23rd, 2013 01:37 pm
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I decided to go to Supanova on Saturday after all, which is so much bigger and slicker than it was the last time I went several years ago. There's more exhibitors, more people, bigger stars, bigger budgets, more reach... I remember when the precursor, Comic Fest, was just a handful of rooms at Centrepoint, more than a decade ago. Now Supanova fills the dome and two halls at Olympic Park, and it was still crowded! There were whole trains from Lidcome full of Hogwarts students, anime characters, Browncoats, Ghost Busters, Doctors, and TARDISes. I also saw one Dalton Academy Warbler, surprisingly no Klingons, and only one Darth Vader using the force to choke someone. If you search for "supanova" on tumblr there are lots of cosplay pictures there (example).

Most people going these days are students, but there were plenty of children and older people too, so it was a nice mix. I'd say about 40% of the people attending came in costume, even though the weather turned from sunny to miserable at about 10am. I mainly feel sorry for the zombies who would have had to shuffle home with all that amazing make-up running.

I mainly went to see Eve Myles (Gwen from Torchwood) although I skipped on getting her autograph because the autograph line snaked through two rooms, mostly thanks to Carrie Fisher's attendance! I did go to the discussion panel though.

Eve Myles )

It was very entertaining and my favourite part of the day. Absolutely worth it. I'm so glad I got to see that and it's something I'm going to remember for a long time.

The second thing I went to see was the writer's seminar, "Creating Kick-Ass Characters", with Trudi Canavan, Kylie Chan, Traci Harding, Jana Oliver, Colin Taber, and Steve Worland (who got the biggest cheer, mainly because he's also written for Farscape). Jana Oliver was the only American on the panel. Before the seminar, I'd heard of Trudi Canavan, Kylie Chan, and Traci Harding (all Australian fantasy writers), but I'd only read Trudi Canavan.

I didn't write down everything that was said word-for-word, but I did take copious notes. Even more than I did in some of my university lectures.

Writer's Seminar )

I was going to finish the day by watching the Quidditch, but then it was raining and I didn't want to be any more cold and wet. So after a few more circuits of the stands I managed to tear myself away from my friendly surrounds of colourful weirdos and head back out into the drab world outside.

I got home exhausted and with a cold, but I'm very glad I went yesterday because the weather is supposed to get even worse today. Even though it was crowded as hell it was good to be surrounded by interesting people who felt familiar even if I didn't actually know anyone else there. ^_^ And just getting to sit in on that talk with Eve Myles was worth the cost of admission.
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Something to add to my list of things I'm no longer allowed to do at work:

I will not play with the coccyx. No matter how cute I may find it.

photo )

We have a bone drawer at work, you see:

photo )

This is what happens to patients who don't do their home exercises. ^_^
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Third post of the day! I'm doing well.

I said I would post some, so here are pictures of the Christmas cards I made this year:

9 pictures under the cut )

So that's what I've been doing for the past two weeks.

I've been banned from ever buying cards ever again, so now I need to think of something new and interesting for next year. I'm not sure how to top this though.
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From now on, whenever someone asks me if I live alone, I'm going to answer: "I'm rooming with friends; all of them, from Douglas Adams to Virginia Woolf."

Regardez, mes amis! )

In the meantime, my sister's guineapig is called Igor. I wanted to name him Brutus, but she vetoed that name. So Igor it is. Because Igor is an awesome name for a guineapig. But the next guineapig I name will be called Brutus!

Igor )

And lastly... a priest, a sorceress, and a troll walk into a bar set off on a quest.

Yes, I have been playing Talisman again )

Please excuse the crappy quality of the pictures. They were taken with my phone camera in poor lighting.


Aug. 28th, 2011 06:42 pm
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I have goo. I'm not sure what it is apart from goo. It's kind of like half-dried glue, but never actually dries; it's floppy but cohesive. It's almost see-through and greenish.

The reason I have it is because some kid decided to throw some at me on the train last week. He missed, but because it landed on the seat beside me and he clearly didn't want it anymore, I picked it up and played with it all the way home. Never throw something at someone that you will want back later.

So now I have goo.

I'm not sure what to do with it except squash it to relieve stress. Should I take it sight-seeing? We could watch the clouds together.

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