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- I have now watched Under the Red Hood five times. It was a good purchase. :)

- I've been doing "guerilla marketing" on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Every time I'm at a toy shop I rearrange the toys. You might have heard that Rey toys are rare in shops the world over, and when I'm in a toy shop, I go looking. If I find a Rey toy, I will move her to the front of the shelf, so hopefully more people will see her and buy her. I love that character, so I will market her myself.

- I haven't done this in a long time, but I was inspired by this post, so here's my favourite songs ever. Not the ones I think are the best musical works, but the ones I never get tired of listening to.

1. Hallelujah, by anyone covering Leonard Cohen. This is the Ten Tenors
2. Miserere mei, Deus, composed by Allegri Gregorio (a classical piece; I just love those soaring high notes)
3. Snow on the Sahara, by Anggun, and the French version La neige au Sahara.
4. Fields of Gold, by Sting
5. Skellig, by Loreena McKennitt (she has a lot of great music, but this is my personal favourite)


Aug. 18th, 2014 03:02 pm
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- Just found out that Michel Foucault died of AIDS in 1984. I always thought of him as a mid-century theorist, but this actually happened in my lifetime, in the gay community, at the start of the AIDS epidemic. I always thought of Foucault as that theorist I respect who wrote about power and its uses and abuses, but this personalises him for me.

I also didn't know that Jacques Lacan was a womanising dickhead, or that Roland Barthes was run over by a laundry van after coming back from a dinner party. [/things they don't teach you at school]

- I own the game, Village. I did not know it had an official theme song.

- Cheesiest songs of the 90s. Oh lordy, the flashbacks! But I have to protest. Where the hell is Aqua's "Barbie Girl" from 1997? That was the cheesiest song ever!

- Comment: Forget quotas for women MPs, it's time to limit the number of men
It is time to reframe gender quotas as quotas for men. We should introduce quotas to limit the number of men in power, ensuring that only the best and brightest of both sexes prevail. This would mean placing much more scrutiny on the credentials of men, rather than taking their competence for granted.

What a fascinating idea...

- There's a discussion on reddit on whether or not the Catholic Church is a fertility cult.

I'd say no, because all the fertility cults I'm familiar with (panganism, some strands of animism and hinduism, etc) have a goddess at their centre, rather than a god. Fertility cults also generally allow women to take the leading role in their rituals and fertility. Also menstruation is sacred in those cults.

The Catholic Church doesn't have nearly that level of respect for women. It places males at the centre, and fetishises fertility, not worships it.


Aug. 10th, 2014 11:46 am
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- You know, just to make writing about my family easier, I'm considering giving my too-many siblings nick names. Like Daffy, Elmer, and Tweety. Or something.

- Tweety and I were talking about what we would taste like if we were food. I'm obviously bitter-sweet, or maybe sour and acidic. Either would suit me. I think she would be rich and indulgent. Our other sister, Daffy, would be spicy. I haven't worked out what our brother, Elmer, would taste like. Magpie would be sweet as sugar though.

- Tweety and I are currently working our way through The Closer together. We talk about who we think dunit, theorise, snark and insult characters as we watch... It's a lot of fun.

- Gay Men Draw Vaginas is hilarious.

- Joe.My.God links to a boys a capella group covering Shakira, and it is pretty damn fantastic. It's laugh-out-loud funny, and it looks like the guys had lots of fun with the video. I love it. As if that wasn't good enough, proceeds from the single go to charity.

- Another music rec: We Are Ninjas, by Pentatonix.
Is this their first original song? Because it's pretty damn awesome! I want more.


Jun. 27th, 2013 01:09 pm
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- The one good thing to come out of the debacle that is Australian politics right now? Penny Wong as leader of the Senate replacing bloody Stephen Conroy!! (If anyone wants a good summary of events, I recommend Judith Ireland. Yes, fellow Old Girls, that Judith Ireland, but considering I was never friends with her sister I don't care enough to prefer her over any other reporter, I just think that's just a good, clear summary.)

- Strange experience: finding YouTube clips of Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking German. It's like, hey, this famous person whom I've only ever heard speaking English speaks my mother tongue perfectly. It's part "duh, of course he does" and part "this never happens." It's familiarity in all the strangest ways.

- Is it possible to get geekier by the day? Because I'm finding myself listening to "Great Adventures in Wonderland" by The Tables on repeat today. It's all about the game Talisman. Lyrics and background here, free download here (scroll down).

- And while I'm on the topic of geeky music, I also recommend "Mr. Spock", by Nerf Herder (the band best known for doing the Buffy theme song).

- Or for something more mainstream, Queen's song "39" is all about time travel (in the sense that the faster you travel through space, the slower you travel through time).

- "Any board game is only as good as the company of people you play it with." Too true. I have a lot of fun playing games with me, myself, and I. There's a reason I enjoy my own company. Those games are sapped of all fun when played with my youngest sister, who just likes to complain. Basically, if you don't want to have fun, you won't.
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- Hannah still needs donations to help with her surgery, so if you haven't donated yet and want to, there's still time. Alternatively share this link with other people to spread the word. Every little bit helps, even if it's only passing the word on to others.

- My sister has been telling me horror stories. She informed me that it's only 7 weeks until Christmas.

- Mr Joker: Did you see me walking down the street? Walking straight, shoulders back...
Me: We did!
Mr Joker: I think I'm going to need modifying of my personality. I'm going to tell every stranger I pass that they should be standing up straighter.
Me: I think those strangers will do the modifying of your personality for you.

Which made him laugh his head off. So no, I still have not learnt to tame my tongue, but I do like making people laugh.

- Did anyone else watch the ABU TV Song Festival? It's the Asian version of Eurovision, except it's not competetive, more like a gala. Most of the artists weren't anything special (just like Eurovision! Ha!), although it was still interesting to see the different representations of countries and cultures. I didn't know Australia's entrant, Havana Brown, but she was quite good. TVXQ (Korea) easily had the best performance, and I say this as someone who was never a fan of theirs, although I am familiar with them. Perfume (Japan) were good too.

I think everyone else had ballads? Which puts me to sleep at that hour of the night. I only got to catch up on YouTube with most of it because I couldn't stay up late enough to watch the whole thing, so there's some countries I still haven't seen.

- When I name things (blogs, stories, imaginary plants within stories) I tend to Google them, just to see if those things actually already exist. For example, mine is the only blog called "The Madwoman on the Computer" (in vague reference to the book "The Madwoman in the Attic"), or at least it was the only blog at the time I adopted the name.

Right now I'm working on a fic I've just named "Our Lady of the Stars" in reference to something that's said by a character in the story, so I decided to Google that too. Now I have to point out that my fic is not named after Our Lady of the Stars, by Coph Nia, although that's an awesome song (free download at the link). So I'm going to rec the music, stick with my title, but emphasise that I did not steal it from this artist.

- Spam poetry, courtesy of my inbox:

I can't take my eyes off of you,
I'm too shy to do this any other way.
I can't believe
I'm finally telling you this:
Coffee bean, that melts fat,
Keep the muffins,
Lose the muffin-top.
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Is anyone on my FList familiar with The Pogues? Because you should be!

But the point of this entry is, back when Shane MacGowan was kicked out of The Pogues for "unprofessional behaviour", he started a new band. He's since left that band too, but the band itself is still around (with some breaks and member changes in the interim). In fact they're playing at Mars Hill Cafe in Parramatta on June 29 if anyone wants to go. I haven't made up my mind yet, although I think my brother already considers that a done deal.

Anyone else want to go see an Irish folk-rock band and encourage me to go? It's only $25 at the door.

On another note... Is anyone else watching Bollywood Star? It's like Australian Idol or So You Think You Can Dance except they're looking for someone to star in a Bollywood movie. It's actually a lot of fun. Some of the people auditioning in episode 1 were ridiculous. Like, when asked who their favourite Bollywood actor was, someone answered Mike Myers! Why these people didn't just google some of the biggest names and throw out Aishwarya Rai or Hrithik Roshan, I don't know. I don't even watch Bollywood movies and I know who they are! (Although if anyone has the Dhoom movies to share, I would love that.) My favourite contestant at the moment is the Iranian woman.
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- This is very helpful. Because I have trouble articulating anything about anxiety disorders. And although I'm always too scared to ask for help, sometimes all I want is for someone to offer it. Because it's easier to say "yes" than it is to say "please don't make fun of me for not being able to do this simple thing on my own, but can I watch you do it first so I know what to expect?"

- Guess what I have! ^___^

Yes, I have Tanya Huff's The Wild Ways! Eeee! There has been a lot of this already this week, and now there will be more:

pictures under cut )

- I had the most bizarre and yet extremely cool dream last night. Hogwarts was under attack... from Howl's Moving Castle, which was a factory for a robot army. And somehow Horcruxes were involved, but I can't remember how. My brain is awesome sometimes!

- Why wasn't this K-Pop Festival on when I might have been interested? Or Pop Asia, for that matter!

Well, at least they're on now. I'm glad Australia is getting more diverse music now.
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Glee is back next week!

Tuesday in America, Wednesday in Australia, and given international time zones we actually get to watch it a few hours after America!

Prepare for me to get obsessed all over again! ^_^

I don't know if I'll do review posts again this season. I'll see if I feel like it.

In the meantime, I bought The Jezabels' album Prisoner yesterday, and I'm so glad I did. I mentioned this in my tumblr. but I need to repeat it here because this album is freaking amazing! The Jezabels sound like a cross between Tori Amos and Olivia Lufkin, with their own unique spin. I liked their earlier EPs, but I wasn't blown away by them. Listening to this album though makes me smile and want to cry at the same time because it's just so, so beautiful. It makes me want to hug the music and curl up in it. It's very impressive, and did I mention it's an independant first album?

"Rosebud" is one of my favourite songs from the album, but they're all amazing.

I can't even put into words how exquisite this album is. It's incredible.

This band is going to be huge.


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