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- I have new icons!

- In the time it took my brother to get dressed today, I folded the laundry, swept up the leaves, weeded the garden, made the fire, did some writing, fixed the washing machine, and made lunch. @_@

- I have learnt that chopping wood is fantastic exercise for your abs.

- I've also learnt that two hours of chopping wood leads to blisters. My poor hands.

- My niece is trying to tiptoe into my room, and every time I glance over at her, she ducks down behind my bed. It's adorable.

- My queer dream superteam would include: Midnighter, John Constantine, Bunker, Batwoman, and Wonder Woman.

Batwoman (Kate Kane) would be the leader. Midnighter and Wonder Woman would be the heavy hitters. Bunker (Miguel Jose Barragan) would be the youth connection. Constantine needs to be included because I needed one Dark Arts hero, and he's also able to think outside the box.

Ideally, I would have liked to include an interstellar presence, but I can't link of a queer alien I'm familiar with. Earth-2 Alan Scott as a Green Lantern would be the closest to interstellar presence...

I was also considering Kaldur'ahm (N52 Jackson Hyde) and Harley Quinn as potential members.

Life Stuff

Apr. 22nd, 2016 11:11 pm
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- How did I become the mother of this household? I know I'm the eldest child (of the four of us siblings), but it hit me today, that I'm living with the two children I helped raise: my youngest sister (now 22) and her daughter (now 3). I never signed up to be a mother and yet here I am.

I'm running to house and doing everything at the moment because my sister's just been diagnosed with chronic pain, and she can't move well enough to do a lot of the chores, or even run after her daughter.

And while I made dinner yesterday, the kid drew all over herself. All over! She still has green hands. Argh!

- I am ecstatic that Birth.Movies.Death covered Wild Zero. I freaking love that movie! The most rock-and-roll movie I have ever seen! It's amazing. A guitar neck containing a sword, used to cut down a UFO! That is a scene I will remember for life!

- The Problem
To put it bluntly, The Problem is that DC wants to be Marvel, and they have for the past 50 years.
I call it The Problem and I think I have a pretty good reason for that, but to be honest, that desire has actually led to some of the best DC stories ever printed — arguably some of the best comics ever printed, so it’s not entirely a bad thing.

This is a very entertaining read on the history of DC Comics and their relationship with Marvel.
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Today was a busy day.

- Sister had counselling, so I had the kid to look after.

- Did the shopping.

- Played "Chase The Escapee-Bunny Around The Neighbourhood".

- Secured the rabbit's cage anew.

- Did two days worth of dishes and laundry.

- Calmed the child down from several over-tired meltdowns.

But also, today was the first day the three year-old told me: "I like going toilet." Hooray! She's getting out of nappies! That was a good moment.


Sep. 26th, 2014 02:16 pm
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I realise my last post ended on a downer, so here, have some nicer things to read over the weekend as well:

Blog and site recs:

http://badassdigest.com/ - geek news
http://io9.com/ - geek news
http://www.geekinsydney.com/ - Sydney based geek news
http://www.crimelibrary.com/index.html - Crime library (an internet black hole)
http://www.rainymood.com/ - if you need a rainy mood setting

- Also, I was cleaning up some of Magpie's toys earlier, and she said "mess." Which it really was.

As I was putting the various bits and pieces into her toy bucket she recited all the words she knew as we put the items back: "heart," "hat," "card," "wool."

Then she walked behind my back and started babbling into my ear. "Up." She wanted me to give her a piggy back ride.

Clever kid. I'm going to miss her when I go back to work.
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So this is Magpie's full vocabulary at 17 months:

Baa (1) - bath, bathroom
Baa (2) - the noise a sheep makes; also a pig and a cow ^_^;;
Baba - baby
Bir - bird
Daa - star
Dada - her name for her aunt
Das - this, that
Ello - hello
Lahss - glass, drink, water
Mmm - tasty
Momo - her name for her uncle
Mrrm - noisy, microwave, vacuum cleaner, blender, mower
Mum - mum
Na - No
Na/Nana (1) - Ina (my name)
Nana (2) - food, dinner, bottle
Vrrm - car, tractor, shopping trolley
Yes - yes
Yum - yum
(blowing) - hot

And just now she shouted very demandingly after me: "Arm!"

These are the words she remembers and supplies without prompting.

Everything else is still garbled babbling, but she tries to say so much - whole sentences - just not very understandable yet. Like the time she demanded I switch the channel on the TV, it was, "babblebabbleyarblegarble," with an accusing finger pointed to the remote control. So she communicates well and gets her point across, just not always in clear words.


Jun. 13th, 2014 11:00 am
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I open the door to see my mother laughing.

"There's something you have to see," she says. "Someone was enjoying themselves immensely."

At that point my niece runs up, babbling excitedly.

"Uh oh," I say.

"Yes, exactly," my mother says.

She leads me to her bedroom where I see straw strewn across the carpet. Yes, straw!

Somehow Magpie got hold of a bag of old straw we had for our rabbit cages, dragged it inside, and unpacked it in her grandmother's bedroom.

Grandma found her squatting in the mess, breathing heavily, completely involved. When Magpie looked up to see her, she smiled, very pleased with herself.
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Most of this post is just stories about the niece. Just, because.

- Magpie just had her first game of Drop-the-Laptop-on-the-Floor. She's still miles behind me though. I'm the defending champion of that game. I'm sure she'll get better as she gets older though. I'm also very good at Drop-the-Phone, and Find-the-Chair-in-the-Dark-With-My-Shin. The only things she's beating me at are Walk-Into-the-Wall and Find-the-Edge-of-the-Bed-in-Her-Sleep.

- Magpie has also decided that today is Da-da Day. She's calling everything "da-da". Breakfast is da-da. Pizza is da-da. Trying to make someone laugh is da-da. Except Weetbix. Weetbix is da-dax. See, she can even make the X sound; she's just decided she doesn't want to try pronouncing anything else today. Strange child.

- I don't wear earrings, but her other auntie does, and normally Magpie finds that confusing. Doesn't everyone have shiny things on their ears? Yesterday Magpie took hold of my necklace charm and lifted it up to my ear, as if to say, "this is how earrings work." Or possibly, "you need earrings so I can play with them too."

- We were looking out at the garden earlier, and I told her the birds were singing. In response, she started singing. Well, she hummed one note, but she clearly understood what singing meant.

- On a different note, I love that it's an Old Girl of my high school writing about feminism in Australia. It says good things about the school that it produced so many feminists. We're politically aware women. If Hornsby Girls taught us one thing, it was the value of our minds.

Natasha Stott Despoja would be a really smart bet. Not only is she revered by a certain demographic of women between 30 and 45 who still think it was so cool she wore Docs in the Senate, Stott Despoja has years of political experience and has kept her post-politics career focused on women's issues.

This bit just about killed me with glee. Yes, I remember how much of an idol Natasha Stott Despoja was to all of us at school.

I'm not sure I agree with Judith Ireland's general point though, considering that any expression of support for feminism or workers unions has been thoroughly demonised (by both politicians and the media) in Australia today. Let alone if you support both (like I do), which makes you practically the antichrist. So I doubt a Feminist Party would be successful in Australia today. But give it 10 years and things might look more promising, when a generation of those who actually understand what feminism is about get into positions of power. I'm hopeful that the pendulum that has swung so far right today, will swing back around to the left in a decade or two.


Apr. 24th, 2014 02:17 pm
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- My brother has put together this mix of our fearless leader, Tony Abbott, as interrogated by Newtown High School students (remember the video that went viral world wide?). I agree with my brother. That debacle was just begging to be remixed.

- How to tell when there is a child in the house: You open up the top drawer in the bathroom only to find it stuffed full of crinkled up toilet paper.

- On a related note, it is really funny hearing the things said in this house when you can't see the person saying them. Just now: "Ah! Your Polar Bear doesn't go in my tea!"

- By the way, said polar bear is named "Diego."

- I am never buying anything but Sally Hansen nail polish ever again. I've been wearing this hot pink for six days now and it hasn't chipped! And this includes days where I've been doing dishes, changing bed sheets, actually using my hands, etc.

- Urgh. Why is Sarah Monette writing under the name Katherine Addison now? Now I have another name to avoid in book shops. Sarah Monette holds the dubious honour of being one of only two authors whose books I have dumped into the nearest rubbish bin after slogging half way through, and where I felt good about dumping it in the bin. I don't lightly toss any book in the rubbish because they are books and I can't bear to do that to books; even the most disagreeable and boring books can have redeeming lines or at least be entertainingly bad. But some rare treasures are so dire that the waste basket is the only way to stop the torture.

- More on the Dungeons & Dragons Panic: The great 1980s Dungeons & Dragons panic BBC article.

- Bradley Manning has officially changed her name to Chelsea. It's probably a vain hope that the media finally refers to her by her proper gender now, right?
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The decision to attend the Sydney Royal Easter Show yesterday, on Good Friday, the same day as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were there, turned out to be a good one. Everyone else went to see the Royals, and we went wherever everyone else wasn't.

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This child is a nightmare today.

08:00 pm - My sister puts her daughter, Magpie, to bed.
08:10 pm - I unpack giant board game to play with my sister.
09:00 pm - Magpie wakes up crying, obviously in pain, teething. Give her small amount of medicine.
09:01 pm - Attempt to put her to sleep again.
09:15 pm - Magpie still crying.
09:30 pm - Magpie throws up everything she had for lunch and dinner, all over her mother.
09:35 pm - Chase Magpie through house, try to change her clothing, and keep her away from board game.
09:40 pm - I attempt to put her back to bed.
09:45 pm - Magpie decides it's party time, now that she's thrown up and feels better.
10:00 pm - Magpie doesn't like me stopping her party time and starts crying again.
10:05 pm - Her mother takes over and tries to get her to sleep again.
10:30 pm - Magpie still chatting away in the dark.
10:45 pm - I decide to pack away our board game, even though we've only made it through one turn!
11:10 pm - Magpie finally falls asleep.

Oh. My. God.
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Yesterday I saw my niece crawling down the corridor. I assumed she was following her mother and continued watching TV.

Ten minutes later I heard a very satisfied "Heh" sound coming from behind me. I turned around to see a smiling 11 month-old poke her head around the corner to my bedroom.

My first thought was, "Uh oh," but before I could even get up, Magpie waved to me with great pride. In her hand was my mobile phone. The little monster had managed to unlock it and had open goodness-knows what app doing hell-if-I-know with it.

No wonder she was so pleased with herself. All that time I'd thought she was with her mother she was stirring up trouble in my room.

A few hours later I discovered a soggy, chewed-up jigsaw piece in my carpet.

She obviously had the time of her life in my room.


Dec. 10th, 2013 10:01 am
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- Ha! My sister is interested in playing more board games with me! YES! One down, six billion to go!

- The same sister was trying to sing her baby to sleep yesterday. The only problem is that Magpie likes music, so much so that whenever she hears it she starts dancing and trying to sing along. Guess what happened when my sister tried singing her to sleep yesterday? Sort of defeats the purpose of getting her to sleep. Dear baby, stop trying to sing along to your own lullabies.

- I would like to write up my thoughts on Glee at some point, but it's so hot I have to switch off my computer about 10am every day because I don't want it overheating. Again.

- Same-sex marriage is now legal in one small jurisdiction in Australia (the Australian Capital Territory, or ACT) because the government of the territory actually listened to the people. The news reports coming out of the territory now are making me smile. So happy for them.

- Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, who has been openly critical of the Catholic church in the past, is sounding off about Pope Francis.
“Can one man change an institution? I feel the answer is no,” Byrne said. “He can initiate certain reforms in the Vatican … but unless he radically alters the policies of the Catholic church there won’t be a change.”


Sep. 21st, 2013 07:25 am
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- I need to be careful where I walk now. There's a little person crawling around the house and I don't want to step on her.

- The biggest boards in board games
Carcassonne with all the expansions is my favourite.
And yes, this is why I play Talisman (Revised 4th Edition) on my floor. I'm sure I could extend our dining table to be the right size, but not with the Dungeon expansion added on.

- I'm even dreaming of playing board games now. I had a dream about one game that involved Cthulhu entering a house via floo network unless you built a church inside the house, and I kept losing because I kept rolling bad dice rolls. And this was before I bought Elder Sign!

Other things that happened last week:
- read three books
- caught a cold
- got swooped by a magpie
- survived a job interview
- started watching Hawaii 5-O
- saw my sister's new apartment
- had an almost pain-free period! (Only 3 painkillers over 2 days!)
- sat at Medicare reading for an hour. Not because I decided Medicare was a great place to do some reading, but because the queue for service took an hour, and I was glad I'd brought a book along.
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In the past week or so, Magpie has:
- said "erro" for "hello"
- started eating solids (we couldn't shovel mashed banana into her mouth fast enough)
- sat up by herself
- crawled (it was only a one knee-push, just far enough to reach my wiggly fingers, but it's a start)
And she's not even five months old.

Right now she's tumbling up and down all over the place. Soon we're going to be chasing after her every minute of the day.

She also has the cutest little belly laugh.

- I only just found out that my cousin's father is one of seven sons. And now my cousin (one of two sons) is the father of four daughters (so far). From one extreme to the other.

- The Theatre Royale is putting on Angels in America parts 1 AND 2!! I am so damn tempted to go see both parts. I've wanted to see the whole play performed ever since I first read it. The whole play is about six hours long, which is why productions usually only stage part 1 or 2 but not both. But do I want to spend $150 to see both parts? Hm... so tempted... Waaaant!

- What's the Most Intellectual Joke You Know?
Reminds me of the time in philosophy class we were talking about getting out of doing the upcoming test on Sartre. I suggested our teacher demonstrate Sartre's idea of nothingness. I'm still proud of the fact that it made the entire class roar with laughter.
(For non-philosophy students, I just suggested in the most philosophically geeky way possible that our teacher be absent so we wouldn't have to sit the test.)
As far as I remember, I passed that test, and yes, some of these jokes made me laugh way too hard. Luckily I don't care about ever being considered "cool".


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