Jul. 31st, 2010 08:06 pm
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I've just come across the most awesome GLBTTQQIA replacement acronym, which seems to have caught on in the past few months: QUILTBAG. Originally popularised by the writer, Nicola Griffith, in War Machine, Time Machine. It stands for Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender/Transexual, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay/Genderqueer.

To quote asezawesome:

I instantly loved this one for two reasons. First, it’s a pronounceable but unfamiliar word, so you can just say it, but it’ll still make people stop and say “What?” and provide a teachable moment. Second, it takes the focus off of the G who have had the bulk of the political power and the bulk of the visibility and have been calling the shots in the community for far too long. Third, it nicely incorporates people who consider themselves part of the queer community who were not at all addressed by “LGBT” alone, which is only very rarely padded out with the other initials. Fourth, the “bag” provides a certain imagery: we’re all in this together. No more leaving our trans* friends and families out in the cold. No more deriding asexuality as some sort of phase or medical problem rather than a variant sexuality that deserves as much respect as any other.

I'm adopting that word. Love it.
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Still nothing to update with. So I did a questionnaire.

LGBT questionnaire from http://dykesonbykes.tumblr.com/ before it was revamped:

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Who saw this in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday?

Sexless in the city: a gender revolution
March 12, 2010

THIS Mardi Gras, Norrie received a gift that no other androgynous person in NSW has had before.

The night before the parade, the postman brought a certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages that contained neither the dreaded "M" nor its equally despised cousin, "F".

Instead, it said "sex not specified", making the 48-year-old Sydneysider, who identifies as neuter and uses only a first name, the first in the state to be neither man nor woman in the eyes of the NSW government.

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How awesome!
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Does this classify as good news or bad?

As expected, the Marriage Equality Bill was voted down in Federal Parliament today. No surprises there. On the other hand the state government is planning to introduce a "relationships register" for New South Wales (NSW). From the sounds of it they're trying to avoid the label "civil union scheme", but it looks like it will be a register, like the Births, Deaths, and Marriages registers, where de facto couples can declare their couple-status, irrespective of sex, and be treated as a couple by law. (Let's just hope it doesn't end up like the NSW public transport plans, with a new idea every year but no action being taken. Cynical? Who? Me?)

Not what I would really like, of course, but I'll admit it's a start. I'll believe it when I see it though.

And Australia has a second gold medal at the Winter Olympics. Don't all faint with shock. I'm not a sports fan, but it does feel nice to do well in an area this country normally sucks at.
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Woohoo! Good news for the day:

Indian gays' long fight ends as court overturns ban

Matt Wade Herald Correspondent in New Delhi
July 3, 2009

INDIAN laws banning gay sex have been overturned in a landmark judgment in New Delhi.

The 150-year-old section 377 of the penal code, introduced when Britain ruled the subcontinent, described gay sex as "carnal intercourse against the order of nature" and imposed a 10-year jail term on offenders.

However, the High Court yesterday declared the laws were a violation of "fundamental rights" and unconstitutional.

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I need to read more happy news every morning.


May. 10th, 2009 07:58 pm
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Yep, it's still going on.

And lest you STILL doubt that this isn't some sort of covert policy on amazon's part, an author that I know who wrote a seminal book on gender identity a number of years ago did have her book restored to its previous sales stats and search functions. However, all the reader reviews that she had garnered over the years? Nope. Not restored. So someone who happens upon her book and sees that it's been out ten years or more but only has ONE comment will think, gee, this book must be made of shit because it's been on the market for years and only has one comment. And please do NOT tell me that they can't restore the comments. They have chosen not to.

Stealth censorship. I don't think it can be any plainer.

From Roux Morgue


Anyway, I've spent all weekend saving old fics before they disappear off the internet, specifically Oz/SVU crossovers, because I don't think I'll ever stop loving Beecher/Stabler. The ending to Oz was so tragic (though really, Beecher and Keller were never going to have a happy ending) that I love the idea of Beecher meeting Keller's doppelgänger after he leaves prison, and falling in love all over again. And Stabler gets to deal with not just falling in love with a man, but a man whose heart belongs to a ghost. Pity there are so few fics out there.

Then I started reading Criminal Minds fics, but unfortunately I only want to read non-shippy, case-based stories in that fandom, preferably featuring Elle rather than Emily (Emily's never really grown on me for some reason), but that seems to be too much to ask for. I have a few saved to read through later, though.

And then I've been trying to catch up on [livejournal.com profile] hds_beltane and [livejournal.com profile] hd_smoochfest. Unsucessfully. I have all the interesting stories saved onto my flash disc to read later.

But I finished three books last week! Go me! Only four more to go! XD Unfortunately those four include one book in German, one book in non-linear narrative form, and one book by Umberto Eco. -_-;; It will take a while.


Apr. 17th, 2009 07:09 pm
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It just keeps going... All the stories are coming out now, excuse the pun.

Amazon’s "Glitch" Myth Debunked.

All of my novels have been aggressively censored by Amazon since (at least) January of 2008, when they were first released as Kindle editions and promptly rigged in the Kindle store so as not to register any sales ranks and bestselling categories, or to show up properly in Amazon search results. I have also experienced mysterious "sourcing fees" applied by Amazon to the list prices of my LGBT paperbacks, as well as the deletion of five-star customer reviews of them, the removal of their "in stock" status, and a host of other handicapping techniques which are still in effect today.

It's a longer read but it's worth it.

What's the bet Amazon will continue to de-rank whatever they want after all this dies down?


Apr. 16th, 2009 09:00 pm
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I've read some fantastic blog posts today that I'm still thinking about.

The first one was called The Lessons of Amazonfail and it's about how corporations in the cyber-era need to learn to adapt their business practices when everything is faster and more wide spread than previously. Especially in the case of bad experiences among customers where stories can travel world wide in a matter of seconds.

Don’t just have a policy — have a clear implementation plan. One of the key complaints against Amazon is that their de-ranking policy has been unfairly administered. Amazon’s been remarkably dumb in this regard; either the policy is deliberately unfair, or the implementation has been so poorly executed that the result is all this chaos.

I'm going to be interested in seeing what other companies learn from this and how they implement lessons from Amazonfail into their business plans in future.

All this stuff fascinates me... maybe I should do a degree in media after all.

The second post I read was Richard Eoin Nash - The Blog Amazonfail A straight white male publisher on glitches and ham-fisted errors. It's about the responsibility that comes with priviledge, the responsibility that we have to our fellow human beings to show them respect and appologise for any offences we might cause and then work to recify them.

The vigilance and outrage demonstrated on Twitter are necessary, not because the folks at Amazon are bad people, but because the books that were de-ranked were de-ranked because it is always the outsider whose books get de-ranked... In effect: guilty until proven innocent is the standard to which we must hold ourselves. Because that’s how the other half lives, without any choice in the matter.

There's some great discussion going on already, and it's been less than a week!


Apr. 14th, 2009 06:52 pm
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Still following Amazonfail online. [livejournal.com profile] metafandom has a whole bunch of links I'm too tired to link to myself.

Blargh. Hate coming home in the dark.

I'm not sure I'll ever buy from Amazon now, even if they do fix their "glitch", because the fact that they can change their listings so easily and essentially determine how popular a book will be makes me uncomfortable. All they have to do is un-rank a book and it won't show up in some searches and people won't find (and consequently buy it) as often. No one company should have that much influence over an industry.


Going to go eat more Easter chocolates now. Chocolate makes everything better. *wise nod*


Apr. 13th, 2009 01:36 pm
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I love the internet. ^_^ I never fail to be amazed at how quickly things spread online.

Amazon is now backpeddling. Because apparently a glitch sends out e-mails explaining new policies. <.< And according to Craig Seymour this has been going on for months.

Meanwhile [livejournal.com profile] andpuff (Tanya Huff) is wondering how gay she and her wife need to be before they get excluded. XD I love this woman!

And I have rhubarb. Sour. Yummy. ^_^


Apr. 13th, 2009 08:20 am
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First of all, I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I'd post pictures of mine, but I want to leave this post public, so the pictures will have to wait.

Secondly, if you've ever bought books from Amazon, or were considering buying books from Amazon, read these posts.

Basically Amazon have decided they don't want to have certain books/texts searchable. What books? They claim those with "adult content". In reality they've excluded books with gay and lesbian content, including at least one young adult fiction book, which proves it's not really "adult content" they're excluding. By the same token, Playboy and sex toys still show up.

This makes me as mad as all those YouTube clips that get flagged for "adult content" if they contain a homosexual kiss, while heterosexual kisses are open to be watched by anyone. Not many things actively infuriate me (mostly it's just expected) but when companies actually go out of their way to make certain peoples' lives more difficult, then I see red.

[Edited to add more details: [livejournal.com profile] markprobst (Mark R. Probst) is one of the writers affected and one of the first to blog about it. There's also some noise on the topic on Neil Gaiman's Twitter page, and [livejournal.com profile] meta_writer has a list of books (and editions) affected here.]

So if you'd like to avoid Amazon here's some alternative book retailers online: Book Depository which is based in the UK and ships free worldwide, or Fishpond for my fellow Australians if you want a local alternative.


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