Apr. 2nd, 2014 01:28 pm
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- I love my dreams! My latest awesome dream involved me and a friend pinning carpets to walls, using them as portals, and gathering clues there to defeat the White Witch and her pet crow who were oppressing that other world. Of course I woke up before I got to be a hero, but it was still awesome. Carpets for portals!

- I bought the Godzilla (1999 - 2004) box set! I'd forgotten how much cheestastic fun these movies were. Bring on the popcorn!

- My phone has a little heart that pops up in the battery space when it runs low on battery. I find that beyond adorable. Can't help but read it as, "I love you. Feed me?" I'm pretty sure a low battery isn't supposed to make you want to cuddle your phone.

- I have a tag called faith in humanity if you ever need some. These are the stories that always make me smile. Unfortunately I have too few of them in my own blog.

- Apparently the World Vision fiasco in the USA was the last straw for many young Christians. I've seen one or two blog posts confirming exactly that. This is what the future looks like. (For the record, this is World Vision Australia's policy.)

- I'm going to keep plugging this: Peter Montgomery's global LGBT roundups, because they are impressive in scope. A few years ago I would have passed over anything that had the word "religion" in the URL, but these days I'm a little wiser, so I can recognise that good work comes from all corners, and these weekly posts are very informative.

- Waleed Aly is one of my favourite commentators in mainstream media, and this column on changes to the Racial Discrimination Act is no exception. I am in awe of this man and his ability to hit the nail on the head.
To "intimidate" is "to cause fear of physical harm" according to the draft Act. Now our ordinary reasonable white person is being asked to tell, say, black people whether or not they are "reasonably likely" to be fearful of physical harm. Black people – reasonable ones – might actually be fearful, but ultimately a hypothetical white person will decide that for them.

I can see the arguments now: "I'm a reasonable Australian and I'm not intimidated," the implication being if you're intimidated you're being unreasonable. And by definition, one can't reason with an unreasonable person, so their concerns can only to be ignored until they start being reasonable again. Or at least until they stop unreasonably complaining about being intimidated.

Can you be in an abusing relationship with your government? Because that's what this sounds like.
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- This is very helpful. Because I have trouble articulating anything about anxiety disorders. And although I'm always too scared to ask for help, sometimes all I want is for someone to offer it. Because it's easier to say "yes" than it is to say "please don't make fun of me for not being able to do this simple thing on my own, but can I watch you do it first so I know what to expect?"

- Guess what I have! ^___^

Yes, I have Tanya Huff's The Wild Ways! Eeee! There has been a lot of this already this week, and now there will be more:

pictures under cut )

- I had the most bizarre and yet extremely cool dream last night. Hogwarts was under attack... from Howl's Moving Castle, which was a factory for a robot army. And somehow Horcruxes were involved, but I can't remember how. My brain is awesome sometimes!

- Why wasn't this K-Pop Festival on when I might have been interested? Or Pop Asia, for that matter!

Well, at least they're on now. I'm glad Australia is getting more diverse music now.
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Stuff that's going on in my life this week:

- I had to throw out my Awesome Boots because they were falling apart. But my sister gave me her Clompy Boots, so I still have an awesome pair of boots to stomp around in. Mwahaha!

- Galaxy Bookshop is moving so they're having a massive sale right now. I didn't find Those Who Fight Monsters, but I did find Children of Magic, the other anthology with a Tony Foster short story that I haven't read yet. And I'd given up on finding that book.

- I may have to set myself a goal to get through all these unread books that I have. Maybe read a book a day for a week or two. I know it's achievable because I've done it before, and it should help me clear out my "currently reading" list.

- I had a dream that I was in a choir and we had a major competition coming up in two days that we hadn't practiced for. It was so vivid I woke up thinking I needed to practice my solo.

Clearly I've been watching too much Glee.

This is what happens when you watch each episode two or three times and then spend the rest of the week writing up your thoughts before the next one airs. Yes, I am in a state of constant Glee!

- I like to collect quotes from work, but now I have a few I'm not really sure what to do with them, so I may as well share them here:

quotes from work; names changed, as usual )

I love our patients. They're always interesting. And entertaining.
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That'd be right. I dream about a zombie apocalypse and wake up without a headache for the first time all week. Zombies killed my headache! Or maybe I just slept well for the first time all week, but that explanation isn't nearly as entertaining.

- [livejournal.com profile] viciousdisorder, you need to have a Voldemort piñata at your next birthday party, so we can all beat the shit out of him. :D Or something along those lines.

- Can a Woman Be a "Great American Novelist"?: If you doubt unconscious bias exists, you live in a man's world..

- Ok, we all know stereotypes are bad, but some of these are actually funny.

Actually, a lot of these links I post are partly for my own reference, things I want to come back to, re-read and think about some more.

And finally, this is what I do when I'm bored at work and have run out of things to read: I fill out random memes I find online.

In which I tend to rabbit on a bit )
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This evening I switched my computer on and the screen resolution was back to normal. What the hell, computer? This machine is going to be the death of me, I swear.

But I suppose if you name your computer after Wing Zero that's just asking for trouble.

My crack-tastic dream last night featured:

- A scientific mission into the woods, with the army as our protection. No idea what we were supposed to be studying though.

- At the bottom of a dried up lake, a tiny cabin that looked strangely like my workplace.

- Which then got covered in custard as the result of a mud slide (custard slide?). No, really, a lake full of custard, sealing the cabin in, and drowning the entire army outside in the process.

- And then we discovered the vampire in the bedroom closet. After all our protection had drowned in custard. And of course we couldn't escape because the cabin was at the bottom of a custard lake!

What. The. Hell. Brain.


Apr. 18th, 2010 07:11 pm
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Couldn't sleep last night because I had another crackpot dream.

I was the leader of a secret organisation/rebel faction working to bring down a dictator. So I was on his most wanted list and then my parents decided to take him on a holiday with us. I spent the entire holiday trying to avoid him. Why I didn't use the opportunity to assassinate him, I don't know.

At one point we all got locked in a museum that looked suspiciously like my old high school, and I was trying to get my family out by blowing stuff up (yay!) and out-smarting some other people who were after me (no, I don't know who they were or what they wanted), all the while trying not to alert the dictator to the fact that I was the wanted resistance leader.

Though it should have been obvious considering I was wearing a costume straight of of the X-men movies.

Woke up in the middle of the dream out of pure adrenaline, I think. x_x

Seriously, the stories my mind comes up with!
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At 5 o'clock this morning, I woke up from the worst nightmare I've had in a long time. My parents were planning the murder of a family friend. In our living room. With an ax. ;__; As a result I had blood and murder floating around in the back of my mind all day. It was awful.

But, focussing on more cheerful topics: I have a new phone! Nothing flashy. A Samsung L760. My first phone was a Nokia, then I got a Sony Ericsson, and now I have a Samsung. I'm going through the companies. XD It's cool though, cause it's still more flashy than either of my last phones.

And it actually connects to my computer! Willingly! ^_^ Let me repeat this because it's important: Willingly! Without tantrums and tears and threats to reprogram the harddrive with a demolition ball. This means I can take pictures during the day and then upload them when I get home! I just tested it today by taking a picture of my desk at work. XD

Voilà! )

Yay! This makes me happy.

I also have liqueur chocolates. ^___^ I *love* liqueur chocolates. Not a big fan of alcohol, but sugar makes everything better, even alcohol.
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I just woke up from the most interesting dream,. It featured an invading demon army, me breaking into an old wizard's library, and a demon-defeating spell that involved all the grand narratives of literature: innocence, sacrifice, love, death, justice and redemption. It was like living through a novel. ^_^ I love dreams like this.


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