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Inspired by these three chuckle-heads, I decided to make a list of my favourite comic characters. From all comics.

10. Green Arrow

I can't really explain this one. I just like Oliver Queen, womanising arse and all.

9. Storm

She was my favourite of the X-Men characters when I was a child and it seems to have stuck.

8. Black Canary

I just like Black Canary every time I read and see her. She has yet to let me down.

7. Harley Quinn

I love Harley when she's funny. She's at her best when she's causing chaos but being hilarious at the same time.

6. Wonder Woman

Like Black Canary, Wonder Woman is just consistently amazing and likable to me.

5. Batman

I like him, flaws and all. In fact, I like that he's kind of messed up, with more issues than Reader's Digest. But what I love most is his gentleness around children. That just endears Batman to me.

4. Zatanna

I love Zatanna's upbeat personality; that always appeals to me about any character. She's just likable, much like...

3. Nightwing

Come on. Who doesn't love Dick Grayson? I loved him as Robin, and I love him even more as Nightwing. Especially when he chats and annoys the villains out of their collective minds. His optimism and hope make me smile.

2. Batwoman

I like that Kate's response to getting rescued by Batman was: "I can do that too." I love her screwed up relationship with her sister, her no-bullshit attitude, and, okay, I also like reading about gay characters, so there's that too.

1. Tintin

My first fictional crush at the age of about ten. I loved Tintin's adventures, his curiousity and his courage. It's hard for any other character to measure up to that kind of nostalgia.

Shortlist: Katana, Vixen, Eric Draven, Vegeta, Trunks


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